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Thank you for your interest in the Milwaukee Retiree Association Aetna Dental PPO Plan.

Labor First is your Retiree Benefits Administrator and Retiree Advocate for the Dental Plan. The dedicated Call Center for Milwaukee Retiree Association members on the Dental Aetna plans can be reached at (855) 588-3838 and is available (M-F) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST)

Please refer to the table below for each plan benefits and premium rates for each plan offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me to participate in the MRA Aetna Dental PPO Plan?
Please refer to the dental benefit tables above. If after reviewing, you have any questions please reach out to your team of dedicated Retiree Advocate with Labor First at (855) 588-3838 (TTY 711).

How do I pay my monthly premium?
Monthly ACH payments.   Should you have any questions about these forms please reach out to your team of dedicated Retiree Advocates with Labor First at (855) 588-3838 (TTY711).

When will I receive a dental card from Aetna?
Aetna does not produce Dental ID Cards. However, you can print your membership card online at or via the Aetna Health app by using any smart device. Text “DENTAL” to 90156 to receive a link to download the Aetna Health app or visit for more information.
Access to the Aetna website and app will be live effective August 1, 2021. If you are experiencing difficulty with the app and would like a copy of your ID card, please call your team of dedicated MRA Retiree Advocates with Labor First at (855) 588-3838 (TTY 711).

How do I locate an in network Dental Provider with Aetna PPO/PDN with PPO II and Extend Network?
The most up to date source for locating Aetna Dental Providers is at After your August 1, 2021, you can log onto Aetna Navigator, Aetna’s secure members’ area website, and/or the Aetna Health app in order to search for “PPO/PDN with PPO II and Extend Network” providers. You will be able to search by Provider name, zip code, city, or county. Please call your team of dedicated MRA Retiree Advocates with Labor First at (855) 588-3838 (TTY 711) if you are having difficulty locating a Provider.

Who do I call if I need assistance with the plan?
Please call Labor First at (855) 588-3838 (TTY 711) to reach your Dedicated Milwaukee Retiree Association Member Advocate team.

What if my Dental Provider is not in the PPO/PDN with PPO II and Extend Network?
If you choose a Dental Provider who does not participate in the Aetna network, your out-of-pocket expenses will be more, since you will be responsible for any difference between the provider’s fees and your plan’s payment.

Common Type A – Preventative Procedures?
Examinations, Prophylaxis: Cleanings, Bitewing X-Rays
Common Type B – Basic Procedures?
Full Mouth X-Rays, Amalgam Fillings, Periodontal Maintenance, Labs and Other Tests, Emergency Palliative Treatment, Periapical X-Rays, Other X-Rays, Resin Composite Fillings, Pulp Therapy
Common Type C – Major Procedures?
Consultations, Root Canal Periodontal Surgery, Scaling and Root Planning,
Prefabricated Crowns, Crown Buildups / Post Care, Repairs, Recementation Dentures, Denture – Rebases / Relines, Denture Adjustments, Fixed Bridges, Inlays / Onlays / Crowns, Implant Services, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery Oral Surgery

Rate Letter information for current dental insurance participants

Enrollment Form and ACH Form for completion into the plan. Please return the completed forms back to Labor First at:

Labor First, LLC
1000 Midlantic Drive, Suite 100
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054