Group Medicare Advantage – MRA Board and Member Testimonials


“I have had the Medicare Advantage insurance plan for more than 15 years.  I am very happy with my decision.”         

Harriet Schlichting, Retired Health Department                                                                 

“I am happy to give my strongest endorsement to the MRA-sponsored Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. It is superior, both as to costs and benefits.”  

Stuart S. Mukamal, Retired Assistant City Attorney

“Over the last couple of years I’ve had the experience of dealing with health issues. I am very satisfied from my standpoint. It has been gratifying to know that costs and services have been exceptional.”

Roger Oldenburg, Retired DPW

“I have used the Medicare Advantage Plan since I became eligible for Medicare.   I continue to appreciate the cost and benefits of the plan, especially the focus on prevention, as well as the responsive customer service.  I recently had a question on pricing of a prescription; the Aetna representative responded quickly and efficiently.  I recommend consideration of this program.”  

Elizabeth Zelazek (September 2021),  Retired Health Department – Nursing, MRA Board and Health Committee

“Having experienced a serious leg laceration during a boating incident in northern Wisconsin, I was treated at the Howard Young Medical Center ER, along with 2 follow up visits to the Marshfield Clinic Urgent Care.  My MRA Aetna Medicare Advantage plan worked seamlessly throughout, with minimal out of pocket costs for myself.” 

Wray Young, Retired MPD 

“I have been with the Medicare Advantage Plans through MRA since I retired in 2016 and find their premiums of $13 per month, the co-pays of $4 for most medications and $15 for doctor visits, as well as $40 coverage for specialists to be outstanding.   I did have surgery in 2020 and had few bills to pay for hospital and doctor visits.   I would strongly urge every City of Milwaukee retiree to compare the differences between the Medicare Advantage Plan through Aetna in 2022 and the plans offered by the City.   There are no limits on the doctors you can select (as long as they accept Medicare) and no limits on where you live to take the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan.   This plan saves you dollars and gives you greater choice without any deductibles.   I would strongly recommend this Aetna plan for Medicare retirees after being on it for 5 years.”

Mike Brady, Retired Employee Benefits Director